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This is a page about me? Where do I start?

Oh yeah, lemme do some advertising.

Do you need a Writer?

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I also write blog posts, articles, eBooks, create landing pages, short videos, images and others. I have a few books out on Amazon. Google Adwords certified. SEO trained.

Seriously, if you need a copywriter, call me.

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You can also find me on the Musika Wabad page. This is where I write a lot about the local music scene.


I Am A Ghost (Writer)

This is officially the first book I published on Amazon.  It’s about how to become a ghost writer. It has personal anecdotes about my life as a writer. This book has helped me fund my life as a writer. As you can see, I designed everything. The cover was crudely made on MS paint. It still sold though.

So, if there’s anything you can take away from this, it’s this: You don’t have to spend a lot to make a book. Just start making one and publish it.

Of course, a really good cover helps. I probably could’ve sold more if I made it look better.