Dogs Puppies

These are some of the sites I’ve worked with:

The Dogs Puppies site commissioned me to write everything interesting about dogs. Getting paid to do something you love is definitely a dream come true for me.
I never thought working with cars would be as much fun. As a writer, that’s a really good bonus!
Dash 10 Managed Services
Dash 10 Managed Services is a Davao based Digital Marketing Company Serving as Zeald’s Marketing arm in the Philippines. They employ only the best programmers, digital marketers, SEO specialists, Graphic Illustration artists and writers.
Zeald Logo
Zeald is a Google Partner operating in New Zealand providing Internet and Digital Marketing Services to clients all over the world.
Another Shosha site. This site covers everything that powers your vape.
Cafe Racerz was one of my earliest clients and it was really in line with my interests which was motorcycle and customization. This site led to me building my own cafe racer afterwards.
Marina Plastic Surgery has a special place in my heart because of the hard work I really had to put in for this site. I studied medical books and cosmetic procedures endlessly just to ensure I could provide factual information.
As an animal lover, working for this site’s blog was a dream come true. The freedom they allowed me to have to write whatever I wanted was also highly appreciated. In return, I looked at their products and wrote around those to increase sales.
NZ Marine Valuations just needed a few improvements but the experience was just as enjoyable.
I’m very thankful for this site because after working on all the sites involved under it, I ended up quitting smoking. I quit smoking September 3, 2018 and was off cigarettes for a year and a few months.
Another Shosha Site
Heavy Equipment is cool to write about.
Improving how the procedures were written on this site led to more opportunities in the cosmetic surgery niche.
One of the weirdest sites I’ve had the opportunity to work with. The owner is a very cool guy.
Writing for this site has enabled me to have a steady stream of income. Working with all the girls on this site has also made me see a different side to these actresses.
One of the first female related sites I’ve had the opportunity to work with. It continues to be the best resource for female related information on the web today. I’m glad to have been able to work with this site.
Another Shosha site. This site focused on Vape products for entertainment purposes.
Another Shosha site. This one focuses on electronic vape products.
Another Shosha site. This site focuses on the joys vaping brings.
Another Shosha site. This site focuses on top vape products.
Another Shosha site. This site has conventional vape products.
Another Shosha site. This site focuses on the glamorous vaping lifestyle.
Another Shosha site. This site focuses on burners.
Another Shosha site. This site focuses on everything involved with vaping.
Another Shosha site. This has the latest innovations in the vape industry.
This guy is a saint. I’m glad to have worked on his site.
One of the sites that opened up opportunities to work in the medical industry niche.
This site came at a perfect time when I was thinking about how to secure land.
The best mall site in NZ

3 Rs I Love the most! Rockin’ Rollin’ and Writing.
One of the best herp resources online!
Everything you need to know about your geckos