A Day At D’Bone Collector Museum

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Before we start:
If you can afford a bottle of beer, you can definitely afford to buy a ticket and learn something at D’Bone Collector Museum! For the price of two bottles of beer, you can get 2 tickets for you and a kid or whomever you want to be with.

When it comes to the subject of death, I usually stay away from it. Those topics are just too morbid for my liking. I like living way too much.
But, then again, I have a fascination for fossils. When I was able to read, the first books available to me were books depicting Prehistoric life. I became engrossed in those books and even managed to memorize dinosaur names at an early age.
This fascination remains to this day.
So imagine just how happy I was when I got to see a full scale fossilized exhibit of a Dimetrodon!

Yep, D’Bone Collector Museum has real honest to goodness fossils on display for the public to see and all you have to pay for are tickets worth the price of a bottle of beer! If you can afford to drink, you can afford to pay for a ticket to learning new things.
Getting to D’Bone Collector Museum isn’t as easy as I would have liked as it involved having to drive through a narrow two laned street lined up with stores and pedicabs but once you get there, there’s ample parking space inside the gated compound keeping your vehicle safe from scratches and other little accidents.
D’Bone Collector Museum is filled with the fossilized remains of small mammals, reptiles, fishes, birds and 1 human being. There are bones of animals from days gone by (or extinct animals, for the intellectuals) and modern day animals like dogs and cats. There are bones of animals that can be found within and outside the Philippines and there are even some bones that you’ll never be able to find anywhere else like the Dolphin (and I somehow forgot the name because I am a big doofus who forgot to write it down after asking a lot of questions about it).
Once you’ve paid for tickets, you join a group of other guests and are given a tour of the place by the guides who have plenty of information to share. This is great if you have kids in tow as it can be quite a good learning experience for them.

You are also allowed to take pictures. Lots of pictures! We did but I don’t really want to spoil the experience for you guys. And pictures just don’t do justice to what you’ll get to see in person when you go there. 

OK… just one more picture… and you’ll even get to see my stupid face with it haha

Now why would you be interested in just seeing the bones of animals instead of seeing them alive and cavorting around in their pens?

Here’s my take on that.
One of the things that makes D’Bone Collector Museum interesting is you get to see the basic makeup of the creature in front of you. For an adult, you may only see bones but for kids (like me) the bareness of the bones allows for your imagination to run wild and you get to see them come alive. 
Or you can simply let the sheer size of the bones astound you like that of the blue whale hanging on the ceiling of the third floor. A closer examination of the bones would help you understand how these animals moved or how certain body parts made them very efficient in their role in the wild.
It would’ve been nice to see these animals alive in their natural environment but if you really think about it, their deaths aren’t wasted as they continue to live on to educate people from all walks of life.
After the guided tour, I gave the guide a few pieces of information that I thought might be helpful. 
Yeah, yeah, yeah I can be a big nerd sometimes especially when it involves animals. I love animals. I should’ve been a vet. If only I could stand the sight of blood…
Before we left, Margz and I were able to have a lengthy discussion with the owner about his place and he patiently answered all our questions even though he obviously had a lot of work that needed to be done.
He even went as far as giving us in depth information on how his museum works and how he manages to secure the bones through legal means.
This means he doesn’t pay for the bones so don’t even try to think about selling him dead animals. 
You can donate dead animals for them to put on their growing collection but you can’t sell them any. 
That might start a bad precedent of wholesale animal killings just to make a buck for some unscrupulous people out there.
We also bought shirts in support of the place. Can’t wait for my next visit!
Let’s keep this great place up by visiting and donating. 
You can find D’Bone Collector here:
and here:
Last…. The next time you want a bottle of beer, why not invest it in knowledge instead and buy a ticket and learn about nature’s wonders?
Abandon all ignorance all ye who enter and get your learning on!

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