AcidRadio 16 years of music and change

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endofvid [starttext] Can’t believe it’s been 16 years since I started my own band.

AcidRadio is 16 years old today.

What started out as a joke amongst 4 friends has turned into a full fledged band.

And we’re still playing in clubs today.

I’m actually on my way out to play tonight at Cubao Expo. We play every tuesday in Genre Bar to a select group of people who have a yearning for rockin and rollin


When the band started out in 1994 I was the bassist. I had 2 excellent guitarists who partied as hard as I did and we didn’t care as long as we got to drink and play. We were 15 years old then. Dominic (my best friend) and Leander have since moved on to other things.

Then somewhere along the way we shifted instruments and Leander who used to be the lead guitars/vocals became lead guitars/backup vocals and Dominic shifted from Lead guitars to Bass leaving me to handle front man duties. The shift happened in 2001. It took 7 years for us to realize what we wanted plus we had to put the band in the backburner to finish college.

In 2003 we made the move to come to Manila and I had my drummer with me. Dominic got left behind to finish some stuff and made the move a few months later. Kym (drummer) and I had a revolving roster of bassists and guitarists to fill in the void left by Dominic and Leander.

Heck, we even stayed as a 3 piece until we finally decided to get someone to fill in the lead guitar position.

We played in the dirtiest dives and the most raucous crowds to the mundane birthday parties.

Through the years it was Kym, Dominic and I keeping the band together till we finally got Kino, Kym’s younger brother to fill in lead.

That line up was good from 2006 to present.

Throughout the years our hard partying ways waned and we became more responsible (i guess)

Dominic and Kym married incredible women and have great kids. Dominic moved to Thailand.

So many changes. Which prompted me to get Dave ( my sister’s ex-boyfriend) to fill in the bass position.

We’re basically a tight knit group.

Kino got replaced by Jean Paul just this April cause we needed him to rest a bit from being in a band and get his priorities straight.

AcidRadio… 16 years… whew let’s see if we’ll hit 20 [endtext]

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