Are all Toyota Fortuners bad?

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So I came about this blog post by accident.

Now, before you react and call me names and all that (irresponsible journalism, slander, etcetera), just remember that I am not a professional journalist (hence the typographical errors and other imperfections). I am a blogger. I write what I like to write about and just post it here.

Ok, moving on… my GF and I both have a distaste for Toyota Fortuners. Too be honest, the Toyota Fortuner is a handsome vehicle. The only problem is that there are idiots who happen to find themselves behind the steering wheel of these SUVs.

And it seems like I’m not the only one who feels this way about the Toyota Fortuner.

What’s your take on this, guys? From a female reader, who requested anonymity: “I’m starting to associate Fortuners with…
Posted by TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES on Friday, September 12, 2014

The bad thing about these drivers who drive the Toyota Fortuner is that it gives a bad name to the rest of those who drive responsibly. Aside from bad drivers, the Toyota Fortuner is also known for some of its mechanical and design imperfections. For example: Being top heavy which was the reason why it would tip over when driven at high speeds. And not to mention the recall done for the Toyota Fortuner due to brake issues

Cabin vibration. Lack of space. Bumpy ride. And the list goes on.

Nevertheless, the Toyota Fortune has remained a top choice for car buyers and their sales continue to flourish. Hmm I guess it’s true what they say about some people who put a premium over looks instead of quality.

Di bale na matagtag basta maganda ang porma!

So are all Toyota Fortuners bad? I would say no… but every time I see one I already expect an idiot behind the steering wheel who thinks they can bully other drivers on the road who have smaller vehicles. 

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