Babae Power Gig – July 2, 2015

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July 2, 2015
Babae Power was held at Saguijo and because of Glaiza de Castro’s presence, the bar was filled almost up to the rafters. That is of course if Saguijo had rafters.
Glaiza’s fans were scattered all over the place as the first performers took the stage. As soon as I got to the place, I already knew what to expect. It was going to be one hot night!
As soon as I parked the car, I waded through the large crowd of Glaiza fans and fought my way into the jam packed venue.
It was hard just getting through the small door as everyone was fighting for every little bit of real estate on the floor.

With some expert maneuvering, I managed to get to the back of the “stage” right between IQ and the amps.  You want to know how jam packed it really was? Well here are a few pics:

To say the place was full is an understatement! The band barely had room to move.
Most of the focus was on Glaiza, and phones were turned on which became makeshift spotlights during the whole set. I likened that to a roomful of stars. You’d have to be there to really know what I’m talking about.
Even before the band started  with their set, people were already going crazy, calling out songs to play and shouting at Glaiza how much they loved her among other things.
The band immediately launched into their set as soon as everyone was setup properly.
I could see that the other members of the band were having as much fun as their front woman. Jean Paul Verona was thrust in front of the crowd and was almost touching faces with the fans. Vic on the other hand who was relegated to standing behind Glaiza and Jean Paul was feeding off of Abe’s manic drumming. IQ on the other hand was lost in his own little world oblivious to just how close their fans were. In fact they were resting their elbows on his rig as the weight of their cellphones took its toll on their arms.
As the band wrapped up with their final song, they lead the crowd into a clap along which shows just how much control Glaiza has over the crowd. She looks fragile and tender and yet there is that inner strength that pours out of her which easily envelopes the crowd. She is charismatic. She is like a light in the midst of darkness. She is a star.
This is what’s needed in the local underground scene right now. Someone who can produce an album that people will like and attract a huge following. Someone who can fill up a bar, someone who seems so unlikely but has eventually shown her detractors (if there are any), that if you have your heart and mind in the right place and you work hard enough for it, that dreams do come true.
So, my final verdict on this gig?

I’ve seen them playing onstage acoustic and now I’ve seen them fully plugged in. Both performances were electric! Although I would have to say that I prefer them plugged in more because it provides a richer aural experience which complements the visuals perfectly.

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