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are you a student looking for extra money? are you an employee looking for a sideline? are you someone who generally likes money?

Now do you want to get this easily?

I’d suggest you try blogging.

Anyone and everyone can do it. Have fun while earning and it won’t feel like work at all.

The most important thing of course is to have a computer a laptop or access to either one. The next would be the drive to create.

Other things you would need are a paypal account, a simple image capturing device (camera, cellphone camera, whatever it is as long as it can take images)

I started a year ago, and because of my surge in creating i had a great source of income. Sadly I could not sustain the amount of content I made. So I think i’ve reached a plateau. I currently earn around 150 to 200 dollars a month.

For me that’s not bad cause I can pay for my car’s repairs, my phone bills, my credit card bills and my internet bills.

The other source of income pays for most of the things I do offline.

If you’re starting out, I’d suggest you get a blogger account and keep it up for at least a hundred days.

After that enroll yourself through Google Adsense.

Next go to triond

and create an account and post poems or pictures. If you’re going to post articles, they have to be grammatically correct with no misspellings. Connect it to your Facebook account and Twitter.

After your content has been published, copy it and then post it here on mylot - get paid to speak your mind

Try to respond to each comment made to your discussion and make a lot of friends here on Mylot. People here have great ideas and input and they’re practically the best people to be friends with online.

After all that’s done, copy your content and post it on your blog, that way you have fresh content every time.

So once again, get all the essentials like a computer and a paypal account.
Post on triond

Post on mylot - get paid to speak your mind
Post on your blog.

Hope this helps you guys [em]happy[/em]



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