Cop’s Developments so far

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haven’t posted here in a long time

Cop’s been in rehab since January 2, 2011.

I thought to myself that since it’s a new year, I might as well have a new car too!

Of course new is a relative term.

I meant, fixing my volkswagen beetle up.

So I entered him into Master Dante’s volkswagen shop to have him body lifted and repaired.

Add airconditioning so that my girlfriend doesn’t hate the idea of driving in the afternoon.

Have him professionally painted, so that my girlfriend’s mom won’t hate Cop being parked in front of their house. She says it looks like trash.

I showed her (Adda’s mom) pictures from VW Trends on a color scheme that she might like and she picked out the beige and black paint scheme that I strategically placed in the magazine.

Clean up all electrical wirings so that it doesn’t look like a bird’s nest in my trunk. If there’s anything I hate the most, it’s a messy trunk!

I remember back when I was younger, I thought I could clean up the electricals on one of my earlier beetles. So I yanked it all out. And ended up asking my uncle to fix my mess hehehe.

There’ll be a few custom modifications on my car since I’m not really into the restoration thingie.

All the chrome on it would just bring in unwanted attention. And in Bambang, attention can come from thieves and carjackers. And no booming sound system for me!

I want my car drivable and practical.

So far, my pan has been fixed and minor holes on my car’s body has been fixed.

I helped scrape the old paint off and I was happy to find the old original paint was in rather good condition.

Cop’s original color is beige, so I’ll have his old beige color restored with a little modification on the paint job. Obviously the side panels will still be all encompassing, just like on my avatar.

Master Dante’s guys work fast and they know what they’re doing. They leave me alone when I work on Cop’s doors on weekends (i’ve been scraping paint and body filler off most of his body panels)

I’m happy I brought him to Master Dante and I’m sure I’ll get what I’m really envisioning my volkswagen to turn out as. We spend a ot of time staring and imagining how it’ll come out and i’m glad most of my ideas are being entertained.

and the really absurd ones are discarded with a hefty scolding from Master Dante as well.

here are some pics of cars currently being worked on by Master Dante and his crew

here are some pics of what’s being done to my car

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