Diablo – The Lost and Found Kitten

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I found a little kitten in our laundry room. He was a little black kitten with blue eyes. I wanted to adopt him.

I found a kitten last night in our laundry area. At first I only heard its meowing. I was sitting in the dining area trying to write something as the rain poured outside.

The meowing went on and off for quite some time. I thought it was the neighbors' pet calling out to its master or mother.

After an hour or so I went to investigate. I searched for it and found a small bundle of black fur with blue eyes curled up in a corner.

I felt sorry for the kitten so I picked it up by the scruff of its neck and took it inside.

It was shivering because of the cold air in the laundry area. Well, at least it wasn't wet from the rain.

I got a box and put it inside and some warm milk. It lapped at the milk hungrily.

After some close inspection I deduced that this kitten wasn't a normal alley cat and someone must be looking for it. Its fur was longer and finer than most kittens I've seen in the past and the blue eyes were stunning.

So I went down to the lobby area to report that I'd found a kitten. I saw a post on the bulletin board that someone was missing a black kitten.

So I went up to the apartment owner who posted it and returned the little black kitten.

Sigh… I was planning on adopting him and calling him Diablo.



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