Essential Items for the Modern Entrepreneur 002 – Laptop

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A laptop or a netbook is the second thing you must have on your list. This is necessary for those times when you need to change your surroundings or go to a meeting which would mean bringing a desktop would be a hassle.

One thing you have to remember though is that a laptop or a netbook is not supposed to be used as your primary equipment. It is, at best, a portable computing device for when you don't have access to a desktop computer.

Laptops or netbooks may not have the features a desktop computer possesses and those little things overheat!—Laptop.2655115

The keyboards on these wonderful machines aren't as ergonomic as a normal keyboard as well, so the threat of the dreaded Carpal Tunnel syndrome might occur!

And last but not the least, bumps and jolts may result to irreparable damage to its internal workings in the long run. This could lead to a great loss of everything you've worked on and saved.

Again, it's a must have, but not a replacement for a desktop.



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