Happy Father’s Day ABC

Me with my Dad, ABC

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Before we begin: Happy Father’s Day, ABC.

This is the one day most Dads don’t even get to enjoy.

Let’s face it: Dads are the most taken for granted people in the family.

Who are the most valued? Moms.

This is my Dad. Alexander B Canonigo or ABC. He is a businessman, a Mason, a very good singer and a damn good salesman. Those are his good qualities.

But what he truly excels in, is being a Father. That’s why everyone calls him “Tatay”

Tatay, Inatay

My mom died when I was 18.

My siblings and I were very close to our mom. My mom was my biggest kunsintidor when it came to music and trying to be a “rockstar”. Next to her, my Tita Jo (Wife of Tito Wilbur or WBC, also a damn good father who is probably more under-appreciated than my own Dad). She supported me and even convinced my Dad to buy me a guitar. It was a grey acoustic guitar with a lightning motif. Yep. That guitar loudly screamed “Rock star” …”wanna-be”.

And then she was gone. Cancer took her. And with her death, happiness, joy and the cohesiveness of a family unit.


Our family was in turmoil with her absence. Thankfully, Tatay, by sheer force of will steered us back in the right direction.

Not an easy task with 4 headstrong kids aged 13 to 20.


In a perfect world, he would have had to take on the role of a strict father figure with the sensitivity of a mother. What we got was typical ABC both as a Mom and a Dad. Duality? Nope. Deal with it.

We all had to grow up real quick.

Tatay did adjust to the reality of being not just a father but a mother as well. It took some time. He even jokingly calls himself “Inatay” (an amalgamation of the word Ina and Itay, Mother and Father, and a self-deprecating term for wretched).


My Dad’s not perfect but he is my Father. He can be strict, he can be bossy, he can be so waldas at times and we may not have grown up having him around all the time because of him being a workaholic, he has a temper and sometimes he may have favourites amongst the siblings but he has always maintained this image of being a good man. He is loud, he is hard headed and he can be really stubborn. He is a character.

He is a Mason and after becoming a DeMolay, I learned to understand him better. He has always tried to incorporate Masonic teachings into how he deals with people on a daily basis. He continues to work hard at being humble, being fair, being honest with his dealings and being on the level and embodying the characteristics of a true Mason.

I can only hope to grow up and be like him.

He always takes care of everyone around him.

Although he has 4 children, everyone else who works for him and with him is his extended family and children. Everyone calls him “Tatay”.

He is my Dad. I’m proud of him. Happy Father’s Day.


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I’m a bad boy…


Happy Father’s Day na din pala:

Tito Larry Pasquil, Tito Wilbur Canonigo, Tito Hermin Calma, Tito Paeng Villanueva, Tito Rolly Hondrado, my brother Earl Kenneth Canonigo (Thank you sa inyo dalawa ni Taylor for Maddie), my best buddies Domz, Leandz, Maiki, John and Darwin(z) and my cousins Fraz and Ging Ging… este Val Gino pala.

O ha? parang nagdedicate lang ng greetings sa Radio.

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Damn Invisible Ninjas Chopping Onions.
Damn Invisible Ninjas Chopping Onions.

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