Have you ever experienced the Kadayawan in Davao?

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Kadayawan is a festival held in Davao every year to celebrate life and give thanks for all the gifts nature has provided for the people in the city.

A long time ago, Davao’s ethnic tribes would come together after a fruitful harvest and give thanks to their Gods, most particularly, Manama, the Supreme Being.

Today, Kadayawan is a festival that serves as a reminder for the people of Davao to always be thankful for the gifts they’ve been given in life.

There are a lot of parades, parties, street dancing and a whole lot more during this event. A celebration of the local arts is also very prominent, making it a very colorful celebration.

I’ve attended a few Kadayawan events in the past but was too drunk to remember all of the details. The one thing that sticks to my memory though is that it was a very fun party!

Ever tried kadayawan?

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