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Japan is a rich country. Small and yet very powerful.
But nothing is more powerful than mother nature.
And the world watched in horror as Japan was hit by a devastating earthquake and devoured by tidal waves.
Suddenly, the very powerful country was brought to it's knees.
We then realize that no matter how powerful you may be, nature does not care. Nature is an unstoppable force.
As human beings who share the same fate as the Japanese, we should look beyond our own personal interests and make the effort to help no matter how small the gesture may be.
Prayers are very welcome. Spare money is also welcome. Think about it, if a million people give even just a cent for Japan, we'd be donating a huge amount.
So please, have a heart, pray for them and send a couple of cents their way. Many foundations are welcoming donations for these proud nation.
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Chester Canonigo

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