How to make a semi successful blog in 10 easy steps

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This is for the benefit of Jamuls and other people who have been asking how to make a successful earning blog 😀

I have 3  blogs that are already receiving a lot of hits, and

and 3 more under development, and

ok let's start

Things you will need:
1. Blogger account (Adsense and Amazon can be found in your dashboard)
2. Domain Name
3. Paypal Account
4. Mylot Account
5. Triond Account

and a whole lot of passion!!!

Ok here are the easy steps

1. Create a blogger account and keep it alive for 3 months or a hundred days

2. advertise your blog to get a steady flow of traffic coming into your site. Try us, your family and friends hehehe.

3. Update daily or every other day with AT LEAST 1 post.

4. sign up at GoDaddy and get a domain name. Point your blog to the domain name.

5. Once the hundred days is up, sign up for adsense and amazon. you can do that by clicking on the monetize option on your blogger dashboard.

6. Get a referral banner from GoDaddy.

7. Post pics at Triond and share the link in your blog and anywhere else you might fancy. Remember to choose a field you're most passionate about so that you'll never tire of taking pictures of your chosen subject.

8. Share knowledge to everyone on Mylot (don't be stingy with information) and ask them to visit your site.

9. Do what you want on your blog. Example: add referral links, post whatever, put rss feeds, put banners etcetera.

No p0rn!!! hehehe

10. Sit back and enjoy. Post every now and then.

By then your website would have a steady stream of traffic going in. All you have to do is keep things interesting and find other means to help people out through your website.

I hope this helps others as well 😀

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