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Hyper Hippo


B’Ass (Bad Ass)

Hyper Hippo ™ B’Ass is an effect pedal to fit most of the tonal requirement on every aspiring and pro Bass player of any Genre.


B’Ass helps you shape your tone in a very unique manner. It doesn’t have the typical tone controls, but instead, it has its Weight that adds up to the mids and mid/hi’s with the perfect combination of the clean tone by using the Mix knob. This setting is tuned for funky slap and angry attacks on your playing.

The Weight knob is also the gain of the Hyper Hippo. Turning the knob from 1 o, clock to full makes B, Ass a BadAss. Not to worry about tone saturation as this BadAss has a professional Mix knob that combines the overdriven Dirt and Clean signal. By using the Mix knob, your clean tone will still be in your signal path and will not let your bass mix with the lead/rhythm guitars. You still stand on your post while having a growly background.


And lastly, why need a tone control that crowds this pedal? The Enhance knob will do. Let your bass guitar knobs do the talking and this Enhance knob will do the rest!


Hyper Hippo B’ASS: Hyper Hippo based bass pedal effect

Introductory price at Php 3,599.00 only (for the whole month of August)

Click the pic to get to their FB Page

Hyper Hippo ™ B’Ass launch.


I was kicking myself in the head when I arrived late for the Hyper Hippo ™ B’Ass launch. By the time I got there, HH was already halfway through their set.


At least I got to enjoy 3 Stars and a Sun and Tool’s Stinkfist before I got down to serious observer mode for this write-up.


It was a great night. Pete’s Point was jam-packed with Davao’s high-quality musicians and their friends.


Davao is home to some really great musicians. It’s also home to some very innovative musicians who’ve managed to turn their love for music into opportunities.


Tonight, we were celebrating Hyper Hippo’s launch of yet another Hyper Hippo addition to their growing line of high-quality boutique products.


As someone who’s always looking for something new to add to my sonic arsenal, I had to be there. Of course, that’s just a sorry excuse for what every musician goes through which is Gear Acquisition Syndrome or G.A.S. Attack.


Yeah…. anyway…

I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to try out one of their early prototypes and man, I was blown away! I just had to have one. And I wanted mine just a little bit different. As soon as I have it, I’ll make a review.


All Pedals released by Hyper Hippo are handmade and fully tested to ensure full functionality. You won’t have to worry about your Hippo conking out on you onstage. Pitel Aclon, the owner of Hyper Hippo is a musician and fully understands how crucial your pedal’s role is to your sound and performance onstage.

Performance notes:


Although I went to the event for the purposes of making a writeup about the effects pedal, I was also there to watch great bands perform. The Hyper Hippo ™ B’Ass was used by all bassists in attendance and lemme just say that for some people who tend to ignore the bassist, I think they have a better understanding of just how crucial the instrument is to the band, the songs and the entire performance.


Tamad Si Juan was predictably awesome onstage. Again. I have yet to see a bad performance from these guys. Despite having their instruments turned down due to the insistence of the police, they still managed to rock the house of Pete!

To end the night, Soundtank took to the stage like the veritable Cowboys From Hell that they were. Giovanni Gaite closed the show on a high note.


Despite the insistence of the police to close the show down before the approved time (12 midnight as stated on the Permit To Operate), the bands and the crowd were game enough to keep the party going.

I didn’t want to leave early, but I needed to. I lived in the mountains.


I need to live nearer to the city for shows like these.



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  1. Nice one dude! You have not seen orange crunch nailed POT’s songs with the Bad Ass (B’Ass) kicking on Jay Lopez’s bass tones. It was a hell of a night even with the cops just outside the venue… With due respect to them, they did a great job being so courteous in performing their duty surrounded with a loud croud.

    Thanks man!

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