Isang tasang kape sa Tazza Di Bonta

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Tazza Di Bonta Coffee
Coffee Shop
Insular Village (Lanang), 8000 Davao City, Davao City, Philippines

Tired of the regular coffee shops that everyone seems to frequent? I’ve always been vocal about how much Starbucks tastes like Cow-Dung and Coffee Bean always seems to be out of stock with the items I love.

So in our desperation for some late night coffee, we headed to Tazza Di Bonta.

Tazza Di Bonta is located right outside of Insular Village inside a small compound with a Laundry shop and Chinabank. There’s ample parking space available and it’s pretty much far away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area where most coffee shops are located.

It’s pretty small which adds to the coziness of the place and I reckon there are only about 6 tables. Now, the one thing they can really brag about is the furniture dotting the place. There’s a large, comfortable couch right near the door that we hog all the time when we’re there (I should have it reserved).

The food is great and they have really large servings. Prices are very affordable and since the main reason you’re probably going there is to have some coffee, let me just say that the coffee is terrific! They serve coffee in large cobblers that makes you forget all about the commercial coffee shops that seem to dominate the market place.

There’s always a nice movie playing on TV and they have lots of magazines that you can pore over. The staff? Excellent service, always helpful and they’ll provide you with extension cords if you need to charge your gadgets.

Hmmm… there’s nothing bad I can say about this place. It has become our favorite haunt for late night coffee sessions when I need to get out of the house to write.

So would we recommend it? Definitely!

Tara Baiii rating: 5 thumbs up and a couple of toes to spare!

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