Kings of the road

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The Philippines is known for its small roads. What we see as large highways are actually small roads for other nations.
And people here drive like maniacs.
Especially the local Jeepneys.
Branded as Hari ng Kalsada (King of the Road), these mechanical contraptions hurtle along the roads uncaring of other motorists and pedestrians.
Most have loud graphics which may be obscene to the normal person, ear bleeding sound systems that threaten to deafen you for the rest of your life and mechanically unsound bodies which threaten to fall off should they hit a large enough hump. At night they usually turn their lights off, and up until now I don't know why they do that.
These autos are dangerous and the drivers driving these contraptions are just as dangerous. They don't heed any traffic signals and swerve uncaringly in and out through traffic.
Accidents usually happen when these speedsters are around.
I hate riding jeepneys but I see it as an important part of our local economy.
If only we could really have a working regulatory board for these jeepneys we just might be able to control the Kings of the Road. They could at least control the loudness of their blaring sound systems.
that would be a good start.
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Chester Canonigo

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