Marketing is Math by Dale Calvert

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Marketing is Math by Dale Calvert
June 22, 2006

Marketing is Math by Dale Calvert

– After 22 years in Marketing, I understand that Marketing is really nothing but MATH. The simple success formula is this:

X number of people contacted = Long term goals fulfilled!

Anyone can have a successful marketing career if they simply get their products, services and or opportunities from enough prospects.

Please internalize this reality. You must contact X number of people in order to achieve your short and long term marketing goals and objectives.

I don’t know what your number is. You don’t know what your number is, but we both know YOU HAVE A NUMBER. The quicker and faster you reach that number, the quicker and faster you will achieve the success you deserve.

If you are involved in Network Marketing, consider this, what if your company’s compensation plan works as this:

As soon as you have exposed 1000 people to your company products and opportunity you would receive a monthly income of $10,000 for the rest of your life (or in our case: 10,000 x 52.725 (current peso to dollar exchange rate: June 5, 2006) = P 527, 250.00).

It doesn’t matter if they buy or don’t buy, sponsor or don’t sponsor, as soon as you expose 1,000 people you will earn $10,000 income for life.

My question, how quick could you accomplish this? How many of you would wait to read the rest of this letter? We all know you would do whatever you needed to do to get through as many people as quickly as possible to reach the magic 1,000 exposures wouldn’t you?

Please understand, you do have a number. It may be 1000 people, it may be 100, it may be 10,000, but the sooner you get through the numbers, the sooner you will reap your rewards!

All professional marketers understand this very important concept. Your Primary goal is to get through as many people as possible each and every month, exposing them to your products, services and opportunities.

Success is math, don’t fight it, simply get through the numbers and create your success. Go for it.

Taken from an excerpt by Dale Calvert with additional notes by yours truly.
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