Marvel Avengers Alliance: My PVP Technique

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Nowadays, The most popular choice for PVP on Marvel Avengers Alliance is Agent + Scarlet Witch + White Queen

As a countermeasure, I am using Captain America (World War II) and White Queen  in PVP with a Blaster.

Captain America lets you start the battle every time (unless of course you’re up against another Captain America). I suggest you get the World War II Captain America uniform as it lets you start with “Shield Guard” as a passive buff for 3 turns.

As a Tactician, Captain America is good against Blasters like Scarlet Witch. Hit her with a Leading Strike first and then a Shield Bash.

Here’s hoping that your agent (Blaster) is the next in line to take a turn. Mine uses a Golden Screaming Desert Eagle, Golden Tonfa, Offensive Accelerator and

This provides me with a main weapon (Golden Screaming Desert Eagle) for high critical hits.

The Golden Tonfa, allows me to retaliate every time I am hit.

And I picked the Offensive Accelerator to strengthen my team and finish the battle immediately. That’s why I didn’t pick any gadgets for healing.

I then use White Queen as a finisher. First I use Mental Anguish on the Blaster and then finish it with Mental Trauma for a group attack.

So What I basically do is whittle away at my enemy til they’re all finished.

More tips soon.

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