My Dog Debi Does It Again

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My dog Debi has given birth to 6 puppies.

Date of birth: August 31, 2017 Timeframe: 5AM to 8AM

She’s always had difficulties giving birth and this is her second time to give birth to puppies.

I knew she was about to give birth because she was already restless the day before and this already happened 2 years ago on August 27, 2015. That time she gave birth to 8 puppies.

I had to place my other dog, Duke inside the cage so he wouldn’t interfere. I’m lucky that he trusts me well enough and he simply lay down inside the cage and slept.

Minute, Debi’s daughter from her first batch was also getting skittish. she scratched at the door several times. So, I brought the monobloc table out and decided to just write outside with a pen and paper while waiting for Debi to give me the signal she was ready to give birth.

At around 4:30Am she went near me and didn’t leave my side. She rested her head on my knee and I knew this was it.

I sat down on the floor and she lay down whimpering with her eyes looking up at me.

And then the birthing process started.

I spent the entire time cradling her and helping pull out the puppies as they emerged from her body. I then had to place them near her so she could lick the placenta off.

3 puppies came out within 5 minutes of each other while the next two were almost 20 minutes apart. the last one popped out at almost 8AM in the morning.

I’d just spent 3 hours with my dog as she gave birth.

Her daughter Minute was standing nearby acting as a guard the entire time. Good girl Minute.

I let Debi rest with her entire brood and they started suckling almost immediately.

I called it a day and went to sleep.

I woke up around noon to the sound of young puppy squeals and immediately went out. Debi had moved them to a secluded corner in the garage and they just wanted to be with their mom. They would squeal in protest each time she left to transfer another one.

Minute did something surprising. She went to the secluded spot and let the young puppies go near her. Debi didn’t seem to mind.

So, Minute is now a big sister and she seems to be a very protective dog towards them.

I placed a barrier near them so Duke wouldn’t go near the puppies just yet.

And now I have 6 more dogs to take care of.

That makes 9 dogs in total.

Anyone want to adopt puppies 3 months from now? That’ll be November 30, 2017.

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