This Looks Like Whitey

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Whitey was a big dog who was very gentle and rarely barked. When he did, it usually came out like a howl. He was also very loyal and would follow me around everywhere I went. Owning a dog at an early age helped me develop my personality early on. It also taught me the basics of responsibility because I had to make sure Whitey was well fed and clean. This is why children should have dogs as pets. It didn’t take long for this puppy to eventually be the one taking care of me.

Since he was bigger than other dogs in the neighbourhood, no dogs dared to chase me or scare me. Whitey lived a long life and even gave up his life to protect my grandfather’s home when thieves tried to come into his yard. He bit one and didn’t let go which ended up with the thief getting caught by the local constables. Sadly, he was hit so hard on the head that he had a skull fracture. He died shortly.

I wasn’t there when he died. I was already a high school student then and I had grown up. But the news of my Whitey dying from a blow to the head still devastated me.

It took me several years before I wanted to have another dog again. Nowadays, I have another dog but Whitey still remains in my memories.

This Looks Like Whitey
This Looks Like Whitey

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