My thoughts on the Mayweather vs Pacman fight… and I waited 5 years for that… sheesh

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First off, I guess congratulations are in order for Mayweather. I believe he won that fight the best way he could.

I’m sad Pacman fought but Mayweather did show good tactics in the ring.

That is if you call running, ducking, hugging, throwing kidney shots while getting separated, throwing low blows, headlocks and pushing your opponent with your elbows, tactics. A true champion shows class by fighting as best he can without resorting to dirty tactics. I can understand all the ducking and evading but all the rest was just tasteless and sullied this boxing match.

Kenny Bayless as a referee is pretty much useless and biased too. I guess he’s always been that way, I wonder how much he was paid by the Money Team.

Yeah I’m sour graping.

But to be fair, here’s why Mayweather won:

1. He had a sizeable reach advantage over Pacquiao.

2. Unlike the bigger guys Pacquiao fought, Mayweather does have great skills (yeah, I watched the videos of his past fights and I was extremely scared for Pacquiao).

3. Pacquiao (allegedly) had an injured shoulder. If he called off the fight, people would’ve been disappointed and he did what we expected him to do which is soldier on past the pain like a true champion.

4. Pacquiao was a bit hesitant to rush in because of the height advantage and he probably didn’t want to lose that fight due to a KO.

5. Mayweather’s defense strategy is good. Boring, but good.

Still, I feel that the entire world was cheated out of what was supposed to be the “Fight of the Century”. I’d say it was the “Biggest scam of the century.”

People paid a lot of money to secure ringside tickets, people all over the world shelled out money for Pay per view and people all over the world were gambling over the outcome of the match.

When the fight started we were on the edge of our seats although the first round was basically two boxers feeling each other out inside the ring. I gave that round to Mayweather. The second round went to him as well.

The 3rd and 4th round I awarded to Pacuiao while the 5th went to Mayweather and then I started to feel the way I felt during the Pacquiao Clottey fight. I got bored.

I only felt the excitement rush back in during the 11th and 12th round. It was pretty obvious that Money was pacing himself and letting Manny do all the work. What a way to earn that paycheck. Disgusting.

Mayweather is a good tactician but he basically reminded me why I’d rather watch MMA than boxing. Boxing has become a bit boring because of fighters who fight like him.

Kudos to Manny Pacquiao for trying his best to get Mayweather to fight.

I guess everyone expected a long dragged out, toe to toe battle between these two embittered rivals. after all, didn’t we all wait for 5 years for this to happen? I guess I expected too much. I still wanted to see a good fight, not a marathon or a dancing match.

To everyone who bought those overpriced tickets and shelled out money for pay per view on their TV sets, I guess you were all robbed.

Yeah congratulations Mayweather for winning the match but Pacquiao won everyone else.

It’s sad when the winner is booed by the crowd. It just goes to show that your victory wasn’t well deserved.

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