Our Carpenter’s Near Death Experience

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While working on the place where we moved in temporarilly our carpenter, Totoy, started feeling sick
his blood pressure shot up to dangerous levels and he told his wife he'd go home to sleep it off
my Dad overheard their conversation and told him not to go home
instead he told them to go to the hospital and not go home to sleep
later, my dad explained that Totoy was displaying symptoms of a person who was about to have a stroke
in the hospital they gave him a sublingual tablet to help level his blood pressure off
had he gone home that day and slept, he would've slept the eternal rest
so if this happens to you or anyone you know, don't let them sleep, let them sit down and rest
carpenter, stroke, death, experience, blood, pressure, amlodipine, sublingual, sleep, hospital

Chester Canonigo


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