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I held off as long as I could before writing this because had I done it earlier, I’d have been very unfair.

No, no, no I don’t have anything personal against the owners or the establishment itself, it’s just that every time they’re open, they cause a lot of traffic. And I hate traffic!

But, that’s also a great sign for the Out of Nowhere. It means business is good! And if they fix their parking issue they’d be perfect!

Okay, enough chit chat, let’s get to it.
Whenever Out of Nowhere is open, they cause traffic. It means: they’re attracting a lot of customers even if the place they’re located in is out of the way, a little bit of an inconvenience and they have erratic days and hours of operation.

It’s good and bad at the same time because it causes a lot of inconvenience for motorists but at the same time it means there’s a nearby place we can eat at.
We decided to eat here after a couple of weeks waiting for it to open. When it was finally in operation, our schedules weren’t too accommodating so we had to wait a couple weeks more before going. We saw how this place transformed from when it was first built as a boarding house for students to what it is now. To be honest, I like the design of the place. While it was getting built, I was also researching heavily on houses made of trusses and other lightweight materials, so, I’d make it a point to slow down and check on their progress during the construction of the place.

Ok, so when we got there the place was full! BUSINESS IS GOOD!

We sat outside and even if they were really busy, someone was at our table with the menu and entertaining our questions. GOOD!

Water was served almost immediately. ANOTHER GOOD POINT!

Food recommendations were given by the waitress who seemed very knowledgeable with what they were offering. EXTRA POINTS!
And it went downhill from there.
Since they were new, they still had a pretty limited range of food choices.

Gauxgine’s food arrived a little over 10 minutes after we ordered. 12 minutes to be exact. It looked good. Nice presentation and all that.

My chicken arrived 23 minutes later.

And it was cold.

Since I was hungry, I decided to just eat it the way it was because I didn’t want to go through another couple of minutes waiting for my food.

So, I think the chicken was good but it probably would’ve been better had it been a little warmer.
It also rained hard. And if you’re planning to have a conversation with your date, you can throw that out the window because the lack of a ceiling drowned out all of the sound. The noise from the vehicles outside also irked me. Couldn’t blame them for honking their horns in frustration as the really narrow road almost became impassable due to impatient drivers trying to get ahead of one another.
We’ll probably be back to sample their desserts sometime in the near future. Maybe when they finally have their parking lot finished.
I wish I’d written a better review but my experience was tainted by so many bad things even though the owner lady was nice enough to keep coming back to our table to ask if everything was okay. She even provided us an umbrella so we could go home.
I give it a 5 out of 10. I so want this place to succeed.

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