Planning To Get Panniers For My Yamaha YTX 125

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I love riding my bike.
I hate riding my bike.
My total daily commute nowadays is around 50km on my motorcycle. At the start, I loved it. Now… not so.
Because I have to bring along a backpack on my daily commute which over time feels heavier as the trip gets longer.
So, I’ve been thinking about adding panniers or side cases to my motorcycle so I don’t have to have a bag strapped to my bag and still have the ability to bring stuff along.
This isn’t a new idea though as I’ve been thinking about adding panniers to my motorcycle since I bought it.
I’ve been looking at popular brands like Givi, Sec and Shad.
Of the Three, I believe Givi is the more popular brand since I’ve seen a lot of Youtube reviews on the brand’s products.
Here are some examples from Givi
There’s a lot of info out there for Givi. I thought Givi was a bogus seller before because I’d seen a lot of their top cases on motorcycles here in Davao. It turns out I was wrong (as always). Givi seems to be a frontrunner in the industry in terms of motorcycle accessories.
Their side cases seem to be the top of the line that your money can buy and they have different sizes available for all types of riding situations.
Para sa mga mahilig mag motor, Ok to pre. Medyo mahal lang pero ok. 
SEC was one of the first motorcycle accessories companies I was exposed to because of Lazada. They have great products and seem to be more competitively priced than all the other Givi knock offs out there.

I chose the 22L Side Pannier because it seems like it is big enough for my needs. Too bad, fitting a helmet in there seems to be next to impossible. My LS2 Rebellion might fit but I highly doubt my girlfriend’s LS2 Modular helmet will.
Here are some Product details of Sec 00376 22L Side Pannier (Black)
Material: ABS plastic
Kind: Side pannier
Sold in pairs
Compatibility: Any kind of Motor
Volume size: 22 L
Frequenting the road can be challenging, especially when you have a lot of things that you need to bring with you. Let the Sec 00376 22L Side Pannier (Black) Pair help you carry them hassle-free and with full safety and security.
The Sec 00376 22L Side Pannier Pair holds a weight of up to 4 kilograms per pannier. It’s made up of durable ABS plastic that’s waterproof and that makes sure that all your belongings stay safe and dry anywhere from dust to heavy rainfall. 
The Sec 00376 22L Side Pannier Pair attaches easily onto the motor as it comes with brackets and installation screws. 
Additional Information
-Maximum load: 4kg 
-With bracket and installation screws
Specifications of Sec 00376 22L Side Pannier (Black)
BrandSecSKUSE099OTAM9ATANPH-734530ModelSEC MOTO-Sec 00376 22L Side 
Sa Lazada ko nakuha to’ng info na to pre. Search mo na lang. Side pannier for motorcycle. Marami lalabas. 
Last but not the least, Shad. I only recently became aware of this company and they seem to have great products too. I wonder if they have an outlet here in the Philippines though.
Mukhang wala pa to dito sa Pinas.
Shad side case
Product description Shad Side Cases SH23 Set 2u.
-Set 2u.
– Totally integrated to the motorcycle profile.
– Light and resistant.
– Patented. For its exclusivity and market innovation.
– Easy to mount.
– Light and compact. Reduced side case width.
– Easy load-access. Upper opening.
– High quality reinforced polypropylene
– Black, White and New Titanium
– One single key for the whole cases set (included)

Ok, time to start saving money.
Oh and for those who are wondering why I’m not going with soft cases, I live in the Philippines. Soft cases get slashed here.
I’m choosing hard bags for the added security.

And nag tagalog na din ako mga pre ok? Ok lang naman siguro mahalin ang sariling wika pero bisaya ako, hirap na hirap mag tagalog kaya po nag e-english ako. Baka kailangan mo lang magbasa pa more.
Oks, that’s it for now. Wear a Helmet, Ride Safe.

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