Rock Jamboree at Pete’s Point OCtober 28, 2017

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Rock Jamboree at Pete’s Point October 28, 2017

Three Fold Section
Diego and Jorge
Ayos Sapatos

That’s the lineup for Rock Jamboree brought together by GC Productions.

Now when I asked Givanne Canuday (GC Productions owner/ main operator) to include my band in a good lineup I didn’t mean include us in a lineup where everyone was good and we’d have some trouble catching up.

I mean come on!

Three Fold Section easily makes us look like beginners with their level of playing. Adding Induce, Amana and Ayos Sapatos to the mix is just plain rubbing it in.

I really have to complain to Givanne about this… grumble grumble grumble

Kidding aside, it was a great night! I didn’t get to see Three Fold Section which was a shame because I know these guys are good. You can find them playing most of the time at Gio’s Crib. If you’re looking for a night full of alternative music entertainment, these are the guys to look out for.

It was raining so most of the bands showed up late and the crowd was even later than usual. But one by one they started arriving at Pete’s Point.

I really like Pete’s Point because Sir Pete (The owner, obviously) is such a gracious host and he makes it a point that everyone sounds good. He’s usually manning the board to make sure everyone gets a well balanced sound. He also takes lots of pictures which he then posts on his page for everyone to see.

Aside from that, the place has a really nice ambience. It’s not your typical darkened bar where bands play. On the contrary, it’s a very well-lit place. A great place for socializing. The stage is basically just for the drum kit. The rest of the band plays on the same level as the crowd. You could reach out your hand and touch the person sitting nearest to the stage” if you want.

You can adjust the level of sound you subject your ears to by sitting closer or further away from the stage.

It’s also conveniently located in a commercial area that has enough places for people to go to without being too crowded. Perfect.

When I get older I want a place just like Pete’s Point where my friends can come and hang out, play or practice.

On to the Rock Jamboree.

Because we were all late. Well, I was terribly late, I don’t know about the rest of the bands but when I got there, everyone was already seated and waiting for their turn onstage. Heck, the rest of my bnd was already there and they commuted. So, shame on me.

Shame, shame.

Diego and Jorge went up after a long wait and they had a nice set. All alternative songs. Ahhh you can never go wrong with alternative songs. There’s always something for someone in the crowd.

After that we went up next and for the first time in a very long time, I froze onstage. I blame it on Induce and Ayos Sapatos’ presence. We got through our set well enough with me fumbling while the rest of the band kept their steady groove on. So yeah, I kinda made a fool out of myself but we managed as best as we could. We played Sa ilalim ng buwan, Rignom, Kung Di Rin Lang, Uday and Waraynon Ako. The crowd was gracious enough to applaud us as we hurriedly played through each song in our set list. Thank you guys, we really appreciate it!

As soon as we were done, Induce got up to take the stage.

And if this was a battle of the bands, well, they quickly erased us from the face of the earth. Goddamn, Induce is a great band and I’m not ashamed to say I’m a fan boy. I especially liked it when they played “Running Away”. I’ve almost memorized the entire song from constantly watching their Youtube video 😀
Induce has been really busy creating songs so they haven’t had that many gigs recently. This was a rare treat for us Induce fans.

And then Ayos Sapatos took the stage. If you’re into blues and jazz, this is the band that can provide that fix. Oh yeah. 3 times I’ve seen Ayos Sapatos and each time they’ve blown me away with their music. I sat real close to the stage to try and figure out how they wove their musical magic and I realized a few things after their set. I need to practice more.

Ayos Sapatos is ayos! Ayos na ayos!

Last but not the least, Amana!

What have I not written about this band before? As a heavy metal fan, this band is the shiznit. Dat Dat’s primal howl overlaid on high gain guitars provided by the one and only Glenn Santillan just sounds right. Powering the bottom on his Warwick Thumb bass, Mitjero held the groove steadily while Suji pummeled the drums like a red headed step child. Hmmm I think this is a unique enough description of Amana’s playing…

Although they had a shortened set due to the lateness of the hour, Amana showed everyone why they’re the perfect band to close the night.

The Rock Jamboree was a perfect night to hang out, listen to some good music, play and basically reconnect with friends.

This wouldn’t have happened if:

… the bands weren’t committed enough to play that night despite the weather.

… the crowd didn’t show up despite how late the show started

… the place wasn’t Pete’s Point

So thanks to the bands: Three Fold Section, Diego and Jorge, Induce, Ayos Sapatos and Amana for showing up

Thanks to the crowd for being there and being appreciative of all types of music they were subjected to

Thanks to Pete’s Point for being the perfect venue for the Rock Jamboree

And most importantly, Thanks GC Productions!

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