Sa mga di maka move on sa Mayweather Pacquiao Fight, punta ka na sa Empire Boxing Davao

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  1. Address: 3rd Floor Uncle Mark Building, Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City

Sa mga di maka move on sa Mayweather – Pacquiao fight:

It’s been a couple of days since the “Scam of the Century” este “Fight of the Century” between these two iconic fighters and people are still mulling over who really won and if Mayweather actually deserved his win.

We’re still partial towards Mayweather’s win because he didn’t show any aggression and we’re pretty biased towards Pacquiao because he’s the People’s Champion. So that’s a yes and no regarding Mayweather’s win.

So, to put all arguments to rest regarding Mayweather’s win, You have to know what boxing really is all about.

And the best place to learn about boxing in Davao City is: Empire Boxing Davao!

Established last year, this gym has continued to cater to loyal members who have shown amazing improvements with their physique as well as fighting skills. Empire Boxing Davao employs a roster of professional boxers to train members. Using these trainers has resulted into people learning how to box properly within a short period of time. Members have also lost a considerable amount of weight because of the proper training they’ve received from these experienced fighters.

The staff is nice and very helpful providing tips and tricks to members regardless of who their trainer is. These atmosphere of friendliness is probably one of the incentives members are looking for.

There is no time limit when you train in the gym unlike other boxing gyms that require you to pay per hour. You can train for as long as you like within the normal operating hours of the gym. Just be considerate to other members and don’t hog all of the equipment. After all, Empire Boxing Davao is supposed to be a place where everyone can enjoy the sport of boxing.

Empire Boxing Davao also provides amateur tournaments which members look forward to. In fact, last September 27, 2014 the first ever Empire Boxing Davao tourney was held and the crowd turnout was excellent! The members fought each other in a friendly sparring match and the event lasted until around midnight.

After the match everyone gathered for pictorials and it just goes to show that Empire Boxing Davao is also a great place where you can meet new friends who share the same passion for full contact sports.

So, if you’re still gritting your teeth at night thinking about the Mayweather Pacquiao fight and complaining about the injustice done to the People’s Champ, why don’t you do something about it and head on down to Empire Boxing Davao. Taking out your frustration on the match’s outcome by punching the hell out of the punching bags there should relieve some of that stress and aggression. Hey, it’s also a great way to get healthier!

Call the numbers above and get a good quote as to how much to pay and have a great time at Empire Boxing Davao today!

Oh and if you don’t have any boxing equipment yet, you can purchase from them at a really good discount than what you’d find in the local malls. Plus, their stock comes directly from Thailand where excellent contact sports equipment are made.

And if you’ve lost your faith in boxing, try MMA. Empire Boxing Davao also provides MMA training!

As a recap:

Empire Boxing Davao provides boxing, MMA and other contact sports. They also provide crossfit training. You can buy equipment from them. And last but not the least, the atmosphere there is friendly and you can train for as long as you like within the normal operating hours of the gym!

See you there!

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