Sleeping Together

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I believe we’re all very social creatures.

Everyone needs someone.

I slept with someone recently.

It was lunch time.

We were on the couch.

Inches away from each other.


Just sleeping.

Knowing there was someone there beside me gave me a little security. I love sleeping. Sometimes when you sleep in the office it can get very uncomfortable knowing there are a lot of people passing by watching you sleep soundly. It helps when there’s another person beside you sleeping. At least they won’t think “This guy’s sleeping the office while everyone’s working”.

And let me just repeat that it was lunch time. So I had an hour to kill. Instead of smoking downstairs, I opted to sleep.

So I slept soundly.

And woke up very refreshed.

And went back to work. Productivity up!

Reminds me of the time when Ross and Joe (from the TV show FRIENDS) became nap buddies. Hahahaha

Have you slept with someone lately?

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