Slipknot Bassist Found Dead

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how sad to hear that another rock star was found dead in his hotel room

for now the reasons behind his death are still unknown

the bassist for slipknot, paul gray, was found dead may 24, 2010

slipknot was one of the bands i admired from the so called nu metal era

there was something about the band i could not pin when i first heard them so i instantly liked them although i hated all the other nu metal bands

( i did learn to appreciate some of the better ones as time progressed though)

going back to paul gray, he wasn’t really what you’d call a superstar since he was hidden behind a mask, but the contribution he’s made to slipknot is definitely something that can not be replaced

He had a weird way of playing bass in a numetal band. Unlike the rest of the horde he did not rely on 1 note bass thumps, he also employed bass runs, slapping etcetera etcetera and he also used weird tunings like ADGE or BEAD instead of the usual EADG

I hope this does not derail Slipknot in a major way. I hope even without Paul they’ll continue so that his contribution to the metal world won’t be wasted


R.I.P. Mr. Paul Gray

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