The Big 4 0 Is Fast Approaching

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I’ll be 40 next year.

Whew, getting old is rough.

I’m starting to see wrinkles where smooth skin used to dominate and grey strands of hair (in areas on my head that I still have remnants of it)keep popping up like zits on a teenager’s face.

Don’t get me started on the amount of flab I’ve amassed. I used to joke that it was there to protect my abs but it ain’t so funny now that I can literally scoop a handful of my belly or rest my elbows on it with ease.

Oh time, you are such a wicked prankster.

But am I just gonna roll over and let the passing of the years conquer me like a gangly slave from ancient times?

No! No! No!

With pictures from 5 years back as motivation, I decided to have a “balik alindog” (how do you translate that? sexy back?) program.



I’ve cut down on my rice intake. I don’t eat rice anymore… at night. Coffee has also been cut down to the bare minimum, just enough to keep me up at work.


Skin and Hair Care

I used to hate sunblock. Not anymore.

Those who’ve seen me up close and personal know my hair is thinning in certain areas. I recently got introduced to amazing hair care products that seem to have given me thicker hair. Maybe it’s an optical illusion. I dunno. As long as it works.



I’ve also started doing Pilates and core strengthening exercises in the morning and in the office. I’ve become quite obsessed with Pilates. It started as a simple writing assignment that slowly progressed into a growing addiction as I tried to get into the mindset of one who does Pilates. Let me tell you this, one full routine is enough to make you sweat in places you never knew could produce perspiration.


Jiu Jitsu

I also recently enrolled in Jiu Jitsu. Let me tell you this: All you knew about fighting will change once you do Jiu Jitsu. Sheesh.

You can win a fight without hurting your enemy! This is applicable for practice, sport and real life applications!

Well hurt is a relative word but you can basically just hold your opponent down and win. Or you can choke them out if they prove too hard to handle. If worse comes to worst, breaking an arm or leg is highly possible. And all this can be done with very minimal risk to getting yourself hurt.

Am I hooked?

Most probably. Let’s see if I’m still doing this a year from now.



I’ve also been playing airsoft consistently, every sunday, for a few months now. The only time we stopped was when there was a gun ban imposed all over the archipelago because of the Baranggay Elections.

Anyway, we’ve had a lot of changes done to the game from how we run scenarios to silly things like running for your gun and shooting at each other in close quarters.

Yesterday, July 15, 2018, we played in the rain. That’s how silly we got. Our pellets were no match to the weight of the rain water coming down so even if you had your enemy dead in his tracks on your sights, chances of hitting them was still 50/50. Causing damage was also brought down to 40%.

Ahhh it was fun.

Wiping the guns down after the game wasn’t.

But hey, you gotta do it if you wanna play with a functional gun next Sunday.

And then there’s the band. Most people don’t know that being in a band is a workout in itself. Try performing under hot lights for 45 minutes and let’s see you keep yourself dry. Yep, I’m counting that as workout.

I’ve got a pretty busy schedule. I’m forcing myself to be busy.

40 is when life starts. I’m preparing for it now. I have 8 months to go 😀






Try this:

Try to space it out evenly all throughout the day until you complete the number of reps per exercise. Easy lang mga paps.

Stretch for 15 minutes

100 push-ups per day

100 sit-ups

300 crunches (seated)

100 reaches

100 lunges per leg

100 leg raises



yun lang muna. Please check with your physician if you’re healthy enough to do all these. If not, just do as many as you can that won’t kill you.


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