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Bloggers rejoice!
The internet is once again abuzz with activity as bloggers all over the nation ready themselves for the Bloggys 2015!
Now I have been blogging for most of my life. If I count all of the years I spent sharing thoughts and ideas on the Internet, it’d be a good 20 years since I started. That means I went through Friendster, Myspace, Multiply, and countless others. Yes, I’m that old!
With the advent of Facebook, people moved away from the usual blogging platforms and just decided to stay on that social network 24/7 posting little things about their lives. It was probably up until a year or two again when I started noticing that people were back to creating full time blogs and posting links and others on FB. Adding Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to the mix has made it even more viable for bloggers nowadays to create and maintain relevant blogs.
But with so many blogs out there today, how do you wade through a multitude of these sites and find the cream of the crop? Coming up with a blog is easy, sign up for a Blogger or a WordPress account and you’re good to go! It’s the maintenance part that becomes tricky. So many people start a blog, post a few tidbits of info and then let their blogs go to waste. This has increased the number of blogs out there today but it has also filled up the blogosphere with sites that don’t really matter much.
Enter the Bloggys or the Blog awards and now you have a governing body that will assess, judge and award blogs of note what is due to them. Some people may not like the idea of their “babies” being judged but there is a positive outcome that everyone can get out of this.
1.       Since bloggers will be aware that their followers may or may not nominate them based on the content they put out there, they will have something to work towards. This increases the quality of posts, the layout of their blogs will change and ultimately their blogs will transform into user friendly sites that everyone can visit and get useful information or entertainment.
2.      Being nominated for the Bloggys 2015 can bolster the motivation of the blogsite owner to improve their posts, tweak their sites and basically help them prepare to win this year or to win in the coming years.

3.       Winning a Bloggy award may not seem as prestigious as say an Oscar or an Emmy but in the blogosphere, having a site with the award tacked onto it shows first time visitors that this site is worth checking out. An award is payment for all the years of hard work the blogger who owns and maintains the site and although it is non-monetary in nature, it can bring lots of good things for both the blogger and the blog visitors.
4.       Last but not the least, the Bloggys 2015 is a way of screening and determining who is worthy to be called the cream of the crop. It makes the blogosphere richer and it improves the quality of blogs out there!
In conclusion, the Bloggys 2015 is something to look forward to and there are many categories to choose from. If you’re just about to start your blog or you already have an existing one, jump over to the Bloggys 2015’s official site so you can check out how you can either join or use it as a guideline for your own blog!

Good luck and tata!

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