The monster in your living room

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In every home there is a monster lurking. Sometimes there’ll only be one. Oftentimes there’ll be more than that.

These monsters even exist in kitchens and sometimes in bathrooms.

They’ve also invaded cars but that’ll be a different story for another day.

What monster am I talking about?

Why it’s the Television Set!

The TV has been around for so long that it’s already a part of our lives.

Now I’m not really saying the TV is a bad invention but when we abuse it and spend hours and hours glued to the TV and letting real life pass us by in exchange for the fantasy of living the lives you see on TV in your minds… then that’s when it becomes a monster.

A monster draining you of brain cells and the ability to think for yourself. The ability to be productive.

Ever wondered why it’s also called as the “Idiot Box?”

Try to assess just how much time you spend in front of the TV and think of other things you could’ve done which would’ve been a more productive way to spend your time.

Don’t let the monster get you

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