The People’s Franchise

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Written way back in 2006…

The People’s Franchise

July 4, 2006 Never believe that Networking is a “Get-Rich-Quick” opportunity. If you do, you are setting yourself up for one very BIG disappointment.
Networking is what you would call, “The People’s Franchise”. Yes, it is franchising by a different name except, you don’t invest hundreds of thousands to millions to put up your store and to stock up on your products.
You are the Store, and the company provides you with the products.

And yes, as long as there are products offered, it is a legitimate business.
I’ve only started networking recently and I wish I’d done it earlier because of the results It’s given my family, friends and most especially me (I).
I’m enjoying what I’ve become (A somewhat, dedicated Networker for them, they bring their friends and I sign em up or I show them the products) because it affords me the luxury of additional income and also because it’s made me more confident and more open to more business opportunities.
If you can spare at least 5 minutes of your time, read on. If not… come back anytime, my blog’ll be here for a long time. And I apologize for not posting much the past few weeks, just been too busy.
Now people were telling me join this and that, and they were giving me promises that I’d be rich in a couple of months but I took all that with a grain of salt of just decided to read up on Networking before I actually tried it.
(The important thing my friends is that you make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.)
I can understand why people are so turned off by this Networking or MultiLevel Marketing Schemes because sometimes it is just too good to be true!
And it is. Unless you take charge and make it happen.
What you need is someone, be it an upline or a downline who will really strive to keep everything running smoothly. Meaning, one who does not sit on his laurels waiting for that so called “Millions within weeks once you sign up”.
Just like business, you have to take command and check on things. Treat Networking as if it were your store. A virtual store.
And please don’t rely on recruiting alone… the compensation that you get from recruiting people into your network is nothing compared to the actual sale of the products that you can get from the company.
The possibilities are endless if you set your mind to it.
leave a message or email me if you have other questions… i’ll be updating my blog whenever time permits.

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