The Vest Decision I Made In 2023

The Vest Decision I Made

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I finally went ahead and bought myself a vest for wearing daily.

Mind you, this decision is not something I just came up with overnight. It took me years and years before I finally got one.


Yes. That means I’ve had a vest before.

I’m a nerd.

A Brief History Of My Early Obsession With Wearing Vests

The first one I wore was a reporter’s vest from my dad that, if memory serves me right, was a Jaycees vest. I liked wearing that vest despite it being way too big for me. It had all these pockets all over and even had a hidden hood in the collar. At 8 years old, that vest made me feel like a member of the G.I.Joe.

I don’t know what happened to it though.

The second one I had was a leather jacket that I tore the sleeves off of to make a vest. This I used for motorcycle riding.

Kinda like that but without the patches.

I don’t know what happened to that one too.

The last one is a more recent acquisition was a denim vest that no one wanted to wear because it looked to “retro”. I decided to wear that for playing onstage.

It looked like this:

If you like it, you can get one through this link: Sleeveless Denim Jacket for Men

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Vests I Wanted But Had To Pass On

So, I finally hit the right combination of keywords that took me to the store selling the kind of vest I needed. Take note: needed, not wanted.

Because, if I had my way, I’d buy a vest just like this:

But then again, I wouldn’t be able to wear it everywhere for fear of being misidentified as an officer of the law. We don’t want that. Impersonating a law officer is a serious crime.

So that one was out and so was this one:

Camouflaged vests make you look too much like a wannabe soldier. I’ll probably get one though for airsoft purposes. Not for wearing every day, though.

The Vest I Got

I found the vest I needed through Thug PRO Clothing

It took some time to reach me. More than two weeks if I’m not mistaken. But it was worth the wait.

There’s not much information about it. But, it’s a pretty straightforward piece of product.

Here are the basic features:

Basic Material:

I like the material. It’s lightweight and breathable.


It has a total of 8 pockets. 7 up front and 1 in the back for bigger items. The front pockets can house small items up to a large case for spectacles.

The pockets near the waist have zippers while the smaller ones have buttons. The one at the back has a zipper too. I think they could have made the zippers a bit sturdier. But then again, this vest was never meant for rugged work.

Prescribed Use:

It’s more of a daily piece of clothing that you can put over your normal clothes to protect it from damage if something unusual happens. For my case, it protects my ordinary clothes from brushing against tall grass and the occasional tree branch that’s in my way. 

This Is Not A Paid Advertisement For The Vest

Oh yeah, here’s another disclaimer. I’m not paid to write this. I’m not connected in any way to

I just like the product enough to write about it.

I do get paid for the other links though. Those are affiliate links that help pay the bills and maintain this site. So, I truly appreciate it if you buy those products through me.

Do I Recommend This Vest?

The Vest Decision I Made
The Vest Decision I Made

If you’re truly looking for a vest, this is the one I’d recommend. It has the right amount of pockets and is lightweight and breathable. I would’ve wanted a collar pocket where a hood can be placed.

Now that would make it a truly all-weather type of vest. There are other types of vests out there with that feature but not the same as this in terms of product quality and number of pockets.

The product is also priced well enough to justify the type of materials used.

Don’t even think about using this for some rugged adventure. I don’t think the material is going to last long if you’re into those types of adventure. This will probably get ripped up in minutes.

You can use it for motorcycle riding though. It looks good enough for that type of use. You can also use it as part of your daily outfit. Mall security won’t stop you if you don’t have bulging pockets. I’ve gone through several and they always just let me pass unmolested.

Make no mistake, this is not going to make you look cool.

At most, this vest I got will make people think you’re some kind of barangay official. So, don’t put any name tags or patches at the back because you might get mistaken for one.

For coolness factor, this vest ranks a zero. That goes for all vests out there. Wearing one immediately drops your coolness factor to zero.

Except for vest enthusiasts like me. Whenever I see a vest, I think: “Cool vest”!

Oh Yeah, Before I Go


If I haven’t stressed it enough, vests are not for everybody.

These aren’t cool pieces of clothing that everyone agrees with. To wear a vest, you must have a different type of mindset. You must have the type of commitment most people don’t have to wear one. And wearing one might lead to a lifelong obsession with vests.

Tread carefully.

And another thing:

Women are turned off by this vest.

I don’t have that kind of problem. I’m married.

So, if you’re a single man, your options are going to be cut massively to a very limited and select few women who are somehow attracted to men who wear vests.

Ask my wife.

She hates this vest.

I love it.

And I wear it every day.

It’s the vest decision I’ve made in 2023.

…. I’m planning on buying a pink one for gig purposes to piss my bandmates off.

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