The White Carabao

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Ever had that feeling where you wanted to beat yourself up for not taking the time an missing a big opportunity?

Today I took a drive to Tuguegarao to deliver medical equipment for Batanes.

I had Virgil (one of my distributors) along with me for the ride.

And then I saw a white carabao.

And I didn’t even take the time to pull over, grab a camera and take a few shots of a rare animal.

Until now I’m wondering how many hits having a good picture would bring me on my Triond, Mylot, Hubpages, and all the othe places I could’ve posted it in

I had 3 image capturing devices and not even the good sense to stop and take a pic. Arghhh

An image that could’ve drove a bit more traffic into my sites and I didn’t take it.

So friends, if you ever spot an opportunity, whatever it may be, stop, look and listen. And think about it. Regrets last longer than stopping for an introduction to a great opportunity.

Don’t let a white carabao pass you by.

Here’s a pic of a white carabao. I didn’t take it but I hope you’ll view it just s the person who actually took the time to stop earns from my blunder.

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