Vanilla Ice – Remember this guy?

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remember this guy?
bom bom bom bo da bomp bomp
bo da bom bom bom bo da bomp bomp
all right stop
collaborate and listen!
ice is back with a brand new invention!
doesn't ring a bell?
unless you were born in the year 2000, well, where've you been?
Vanilla Ice was one of the biggest if not the biggest stars of the 90s
this white kid lorded over the radio airwaves with his rapping, which was ruled by african americans at that time. It was an impossible feat for this pasty skinned guy but he rose to the top like a shooting star!
and with his rapid rise to the top came his sudden decline as well.
One minute he's on top, the next he's a nobody.
Do you think he's out on the streets and panhandling?
nope. He somehow invested his money well and is living a comfortable life with his family and kids.
He tried several times to revive his career but he never really attained his former success.
I'd still check his music out though, just to see what twisted lyrics he has for the world to hear again.
Vanilla Ice, a musical icon.
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