We’ve started Recording New songs

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Hey guys!

It’s been a long time since we last edited this page. I hope you guys are still around.

Anyway, the band has started recording again and we hope to release another set of our work by early 2016!

So what’s up with the band?

Well, a lot of things have happened since we decided to go on a hiatus.

Jean Paul (guitars) is playing guitars for Glaiza de Castro and is also one of the chief sound engineers at WombWorks studio as well as ABS-CBN. I spent a lot of time with this guy while I was in Manila a couple of weeks ago and we had a blast recording and going to gigs.

Dave (Bass) is very successful in his field of work dealing with electronics and all that while managing his own mini grocery store and laundry shop in Cubao. He also finally tied the knot with the lovely Emma Amores.

Kino (guitars) is quite busy nowadays working in the Call Center Industry. His busy schedule kept him from seeing us on a regular basis and he was generous enough to stand in as a drummer temporarily. You’ll still see him onstage with us unloading lick after fiery lick as soon as recording’s done since I’m giving up my position as a guitarist to give way to Jean Paul and Kino.

Sadly, the band experienced a tragedy which we kind of dealt with privately. Kym (Drums) suffered a stroke. The good thing is he survived and if you want to follow his struggle towards his victory over the after effects of the stroke, you can read his blog, just ask for it from him. Those are damn heart wrenching stories he has to tell.

He’s also managing the Facebook Page!

I on the other hand, moved to Davao City. I’m having fun writing on the side and at the same time trying to keep up with Medical sales.

Domz (former bassist) continues to be a part of the band, albeit with a reduced capacity since he’s in Thailand with his family. He helps us out from time to time.

We’ve all grown up and our responsibilities have changed but the music still lives on. I hope you continue the journey with us too come 2016!

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