When hazard lights become a road hazard

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The ber months are coming and Christmas is just a few months away…

Did you know that Filipinos celebrate Christmas almost as soon as half of November is in up until the Chinese New Year in February?

But since it has started raining heavily in the Philippines it seems like Christmas has started early.


Yeah, if you’re on the road, either driving or riding in a vehicle try to take note of the other vehicles around you once it starts to rain.

Yep, blinkers or hazard lights start to go on and if you’re ever stuck in traffic with all these cars, it’ll feel like Christmas!

It has started raining heavily and two days ago during “Egay”, I was driving from Fairview back to Manila and man that was scary. The rain was definitely heavy and yep, my pet peeve when it comes to rain was present, unnecessary use of hazard lights.

This is a very touchy subject and it is heavily debated by drivers young and old. It is so sensitive that just recently, TopGear Philippines posted their stand on Facebook and they received a lot of flak from a whole lot of drivers. Some were pro hazard lights while raining, while others were against it. I count myself in the group who is against the use of hazard lights while it is raining.

It’s basically useless.

Turn on your lights, that should be enough and it’d be less confusing to the others around you.

There are some people who gave this advice: “Turn off your hazard lights, make the turn signal, make the turn and then turn your hazard lights back on”…

That is such a long process.

Turn on your lights, if your tail lights are in good condition, they should be enough for people behind you to see where you’re at. If it’s raining heavily, I doubt there’s anyone who’s going to be speeding. They’d have to be crazy or be complete idiots and haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing the terror of hydroplaning.

SO once again, turn on your lights if you want to be seen and drive slow during bad weather to reduce the risk of accidents. Better yet, perform maintenance checks to ensure everything is working correct.

Check out:  


to learn more about BLOWBAGS the basic performance check you should do before you drive.

So that’s my stand and more people should be educated when it comes to the use of hazard lights. In fact, head on over to TopGear Philippines, they’re supposed to be experts in the field of anything automotive.

Listen to what they have to say because they’re basically right and you need to read up on the correct usage of hazard lights.



Hazard warning lights should be used only when:

 – Your vehicle has broken down in a hazardous or dangerous location that may affect other traffic.

 – Your vehicle has broken down on the motorway and has stopped on the hard shoulder.

 – You are traveling on a motorway or unrestricted dual carriageway and you intend on warning following drivers of a hazard or obstruction ahead.

So… turn off those hazard lights, only use them in proper situations and drive safe everyone!

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