Women are the best and worst housemates!

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Ok let me tell you one thing: If you’re a guy, in search of a home for rent and you have plans of sharing it with people, women are the best and worst housemates!


They know how to cook

They’re meticulous about neatness

They make you feel like a stud with a harem (although I doubt you’ll ever get lucky with them.)


They take too long in the bathroom

They can talk. For hours. And hours. And hours. And hours.

You’ll be doing all the lifting. Multiply that by the number of women housemates you have.

They hog the TV.

They’ll complain if there’s anything missing in the fridge.

And when it’s that time of the month… run! As far away as you can for a couple of days.

Well that’s based on my experience. What about you?

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