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 from my old blog.

Hey out there!

This is for college kids in the philippines.

Have you ever gotten tired of traveling to school?

Do you want to lower the cost of your tuition but still get a quality education to help your parents out?

Let’s be classmates!

I’m currently studying at AIDE

It’s Asian Institute of Distance Education and I’m currently taking up BS Business Administration while working in a Call Center. It’s a great way to learn as I control my time and pace by which I study.

I send the tests back to them and I get results after a few days

It’s also certified by CHED so you don’t have to worry about it being a fly by night college. It’s been in existence for years and no I do not get any commission for every referred student.

I just want to have a weekly group of people to study with probably at Starbucks or CoffeeBean.

It’s not expensive and I can show you how to get there.
Here’s their website:
AIDE – Asian Institute of Distance Education


  1. Hi Dude, am trying to find more info about AIDE online since their website no longer works. What kind of requirements did they need from you? How was the overall experience since you blogged about it last month?

  2. hey man, i'm currently enrolled there through a "satellite campus" in paraΓ±aque but i've never been to the AIDE building. currently taking up English and done with the modules. now im about to take the finals. is it difficult?

  3. hi. im undergrad, they offer online courses for undergraduate as well? i would like to finish my studies and currently looking for open universities. thanks.

  4. hi, i'm finding as much information as i can on AIDE, i'm really interested and would like to enroll and continue my studies. does it also take 4 years to get a degree like other regular schools? thank you.

  5. Since I was based in Manila at that time, I had to go to the AIDE office every time and take a test either alone or with a few other people in front of a CHED representative. It was ok, not too much pressure πŸ˜€

  6. Thats what im looking for! CLASSMATES! When you took the finals, is it hard? Is it drafted far from the Module Tests? I got this subject called Art Appreciation. It is freaking me out! ang hirap.

  7. I am planning to enroll in AIDE. I'm looking for more info about its programs and very interested to find testimonies of students and graduates.
    Kindly PM me on my FB account.
    Search Debie Becina-Oliveros

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