Your Christmas Bonus just might change your life!

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Christmas is right around the bend. Everyone is eagerly waiting their christmas bonus and making plans on how to spend them.

What is it about the Christmas bonus that makes us all go crazy like one day millionaires and paupers the rest of the year?

I still remember what I did to my Christmas bonus back in 2004. I invested it in stocks. My 16,000 is now worth 3 times it’s original value.

Same thing happened to my 2005 bonus.

2006 until 2009 bonuses went into buying bonds which is a slower growth rate. Less risky than stocks but just as valuable.

Since I started investing, I have not had any issue with getting extra money from my dividends.

What I’m saying is, if you don’t have any investments yet and you’ve been working for a long time, then maybe you should start investing it somewhere.

You can do stocks, which is just like gambling or bonds which is like a long term savings plan.

Go into networking, there’s fat money there too (I’ve recently realized it, it’s just like investing in your own business without needing any business permits)

Don’t put it in the bank or God forbid go all crazy buying the latest shiny gadget only to watch it deteriorate in value within a year.

Think wisely, make your money work for you and enjoy a worry free future.

Time never goes back for anyone. If you invest wisely, your Christmas bonus just might change your life.

That’s all for now folks!

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