E-Tesda for everyone!

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Hello people,

Time to do my socio-civic responsibility for all the kids out there looking for some education.

In the past, I posted about Distance Education through this:


Now, are you interested in learning some life skills for free?

Well, have you heard of TESDA? Or to be more specific, have you heard of e-TESDA?

TESDA or The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority has been catering this service to people from all walks of life but you are required to attend formal classes. That means you’ll have to sacrifice some time for commuting and heading to class. THis is okay if you don’t have work or other responsibilities to attend to.

Thanks to modern technology, you can now tele-commute to school and study at your own pace through e-TESDA. 

Here’s a list of what you can enroll in:

Give it a try people. Learn something new. It’s free!

For more info, visit these pages:




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