Essential Items for the Modern Entrepreneur 005 – Internet Connection

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So now you've got the basics. A computer, a workspace and a brain. Here comes the serious part. An Internet Connection. You and your wallet will need to discuss these matters so I'll leave you to it.—Internet-Connection.2668969

Nowadays, being offline means the death of you and your business. An Internet Connection ensures that you have constant connection with your target audience or customer base.

There are a lot of Internet Service Providers or ISPs out there and you can choose from any of the lot. In America you have Verizon and AT&T and in the Philippines you have PLDT, Globe and Smart.

If you're going to get an Internet Connection, get the fastest that you can afford. If you can't, go for at least 3MBPs of speed with an assured Internet burst speed of 512 KBPS. Having less than that might feel too slow and you don't want to end up waiting too long for a simple picture or discussion to post. If it's too slow you might not be able to enjoy posting videos on youtube too. So 3MBPS seems like a good option that's being offered out there by several ISPs.

Dial-up is a thing of the past, get a broadband connection. That's it for now, be online and profit! I mean prosper hehe.



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