Essential Items for the Modern Entrepreneur 006 – Mobile Internet Connection

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Staying at home all the time and blogging isn't too good of an idea. Go out there and experience life. Being away from your desktop and workstation doesn't mean you'll have to be offline.

You can be online anywhere you want. Wi-Fi hotspots are everywhere! Only problem is, they're not too secure.

So for your Internet needs, get a Mobile Internet Dongle. Huawei seems to be the most popular producer of these wonderful connectivity dongles out there.—Mobile-Internet-Connection.2655571

You can get a postpaid line from Globe, smart or PLDT. I personally use a Globe Tattoo dongle and it's pretty fast. I can always be sure I can be online to do some light stuff like blogging, posting pics, videos and responding to comments.Be connected wherever and whenever you want, get a Mobile Internet Dongle and let the online adventure continue!

Don't forget to pay your bills though. You can find them when you decide to go home hehe 😀



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