Ever had an Idea that wouldn’t let you sleep?

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I tossed and turned in bed last night.

I could not get myself to fall asleep.

I had a brilliant idea (well, brilliant for me) which would allow me to work from home by 2012. ANd this idea would not let me sleep so I had to get up.

So I mapped out my plans and how to do it by writing it on my ever trusty notebook and found out I could actually make more than what I;m earning today as a Contact Center Manager and yet still have the freedom to move about the way I want to.

Things I'll need to make this succeed:

1. A computer with an i7 core. I'll probably have my younger brother build me one.
2. A scanner. I saw a really cool portable one.
3. A printer. I guess a Canon printer.
4. A Canon 60D DSLR
5. An Apple iPad or a similar tablet that will let me have more control in editting or creating nice pictures and graphics


I'd like to share more but I might be accused of promoting so til next time people

and i'll leave you with this question…

ever had an idea that won't let you sleep?

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