Finally! A White Carabao

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It’s been a couple of years since I posted something about a White Carabao and not having the opportunity to take a picture (or during that case, I just didn’t stop the car long enough to take a picture which should’ve only taken a couple of seconds). Well, anyway, on my way to Agusan I chanced upon this impressive specimen and this time I stopped.

I hurried out of my car and took this pic with my trusty Samsung S3 and this is the best one I could take of this white Carabao.

After I’d bothered it long enough, I took a step back and just watched it as it went about its business of grazing.

I never actively pursued seeing or taking a picture of a white Carabao after my first post about it. I felt that should I ever see a white Carabao again, it should be by chance. Somehow, over the years, white Carabaos have become somewhat of a symbol of opportunity and good fortune for me.

I dunno, I can be a funny thinker sometimes.

Well, here you go… enjoy!

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