Will somebody please tell me what breed this cat is?

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I have a tendency of being too weak when it comes to helpless animals.

This cat right here (who seems to be sitting/ lying down like a boss) is one of those strays I adopted.

When I first got him he had wounds all over his body from someone who probably threw boiling water at him. Now, I don’t know why anyone would do that. I mean, can’t they just shoo the cat away?

Anyway, so I saw this cat and although he had burn marks all over his body, he still seemed to hold himself with high dignity and was sitting down peacefully and staring at me while I was munching on some chips. I coaxed it over to me with a chip in hand and he silently approached, a bit wary but he was probably hungry at that time so most of his fear disappeared at the prospect of food.

Needless to say, he and I finished the whole bag of chips and he proceeded to lie down at my feet when all the food was gone.

A former neighbor of mine told me that this cat had already been hanging out there for a week and no one seemed to own him. He told me to just adopt the cat knowing that I’d take good care of it and that I was fond of animals.

So I picked him up and placed him inside the car and drove off.

That was more than 6 months ago, now he’s a happy cat who loves prowling around in the neighborhood and lounging around my house when I’m writing.

I still don’t know what breed he is.

He’s obviously not just an ordinary cat. He moves like a panther, has a big head, a snub nose and piercing green eyes. Although there are still patches of fur missing on his body, his thick black fur is almost back and it’s really soft to the touch. He has massive paws with enormous claws on each one and he has a long thick tail that he flicks around if something catches his attention.

He’s usually just lounging around and sleeps most of the time and only wakes up for two things: when it’s time to go outside and when he hears food coming. I may be at fault for his sudden weight gain because I spoil him with lots of cat food and sometimes some chips and crackers.

His weight may account for the fact that he plods around while he prowls his immediate vicinity and although he’s a very quiet cat he can meow very loudly when he wants his food on his plate.

So there you have it, I have a massive black cat who loves to lounge around and eat until he falls asleep at his dish. I’ve caught him several times asleep at his dish and when he wakes up, he just resumes eating.

I still don’t know what breed he is and I would really like to know, so if there are cat enthusiasts out there, maybe you could shed light on this for me.

Please help me by telling me what type of breed my cat is.

That’s it for now because Shadow’s (that’s his name now) meowing for some food and he won’t get off my lap. 

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