Greenwich Tuna Lasagna Supreme #NandiTUNAUlit

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I was stoked.

Three days after getting the email that I got into the Davao Bloggers Society, and I was on to my first assignment.

And I didn’t even know what to do.

I felt like a total noob, not knowing what to do, what to expect and how to act. So, I just tried to remember as best as I could the Code of Conduct they discussed with us during events.

And let’s just say I overcompensated by bringing a lot of camera stuff with me. I even brought along my underwater gear just in case. Hah!

So here’s my first ever event and what I posted. I hope you like it.

Greenwich Tuna Lasagna Supreme #NandiTUNAUlit

Greenwich sure knows how to throw a party!

I just attended the March 5, 2020 launch of the Tuna Lasagna Supreme at Greenwich Gaisano Grand CityGate Mall Buhangin Branch (Soon To Open on March 16, 2020) and when they say #NandiTUNAUlit they really mean it!

Perfect Timing!

This gives everyone another yummy food option to eat during the Lent Season.

Why get the Tuna Lasagna Supreme?

Why not?

It has:

  • Layers and layers of al-dente lasagna noodles with herby-tangy tomato sauce for that satisfying kick to the palate!
  • Generously slathered rich creamy cheese all over!
  • Loads of tuna chunks to sink your teeth in!

Want one?

Watch out for the official opening of Greenwich Gaisano Grand CityGate Mall Buhangin Branch. The first 100 customers get a chance to win exciting prizes. So line up and get served!

Don’t wait too long, the crave-worthy Tuna Lasagna Supreme is only available in stores ‘til April 12, 2020.

How much?

The Tuna Lasagna Supreme is priced at PhP89 for a la carte, and PhP99 for a meal, at all Greenwich stores nationwide, via delivery at #5-55-55 or






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