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I am a Homebased Freelance Writer. I’ve been one far longer than when I officially started as one. You could say it is the one job that truly defines who I am.

Yep, being a musician isn’t the first on the list anymore. I guess I’m a writer first and a musician second.

Working from home is a dream come true for many people. I know it is for me.

But it doesn’t come without any pitfalls.


Right now, the biggest distraction is the volcanic eruption in Manila that has everyone on the edge of their seats. Here’s a free book that could help you pack the right stuff and get to safety.



Now, back to our regular programming.


You Have To Love Reading And Writing To Be A Good Writer

Writing isn’t a career choice most of my generation chose to follow. I only know of a handful of my classmates who became writers.

Heck, I never thought I’d be one. I mean I always wanted to be one but the events that led me to becoming one wasn’t a conventional one.

It started with a dream. I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. “Write books” I said. I was 3.

I always wrote ideas down in journals. There’s a truck load in my room of material just waiting to see the light of day.

I also have a massive collection of books. Thank God eBooks exist or I wouldn’t have enough space at home for all the things I want to read.

To be a good writer, you need to love reading and writing.


Discipline Is Key To Making It As A Writer

You’re definitely on your own on this one. Without discipline, everything else crumbles to dust.

You have to keep in mind that you are a writer. Writing every day even if you don’t want to takes some getting used to.

Just set aside some time to write at least 1000 words a day. Making this a daily practice will hone your skills and make writing an easier task as the days progress.

Don’t blame it on writer’s block. You may run out of ideas if you focus too long on one subject. So shift your focus on to other things to get a fresh start. And then go back to whatever task you have to finish for the day.


Minimize The Distractions

I admit I am easily distracted. And it has an effect on my productivity.

Anything that derails me from my writing momentum causes a major delay in all other projects. Keep your focus and try to ask others to understand that even if you’re just at home, you’re still working.



Never Stop Looking For Opportunities

I currently have three clients. I have one where I actively write to earn a monthly salary. One on retainer basis that means I don’t really do anything and still get paid. And one where the demand comes and goes.

I should be set with that right?


You have a lot of time on your hands.

Might as well put it to good use.

After taking care of these three as my top priority for the day, I go looking for other stuff to do where I can earn a little bit more.

If there aren’t any, I just write here on my blog to make it more enjoyable to whomever stumbles upon it.

I do have plans to finish writing three books this year so that should bring in some nice passive income once done.


Get Things Done

Don’t let procrastination get the best of you. Get things done.

You wanna be a writer? Be one.

Act professionally and opportunities will keep coming.


Don’t Forget To Work Out

It’s so easy to pack on the pounds when you’re a writer. You’re basically living a sedentary life.

Don’t become a stereotypical fat writer. Get up, do some physical exercises and eat good food.

I always find physical activity a nice stimulant for writing. Before I start writing, I usually do some push-ups. While writing, I usually do crunches. About 300 crunches while sitting down. After calling it a day, I put in some more exercise.

I sleep better having put my mind and body through some work.


Take A Break

Yeah, that’s important too. I usually take a break after finishing an article or after every 2000 words.

During my break, I either do some meditation. 15 minutes per day calms the mind and opens it up for new ideas to pour in.

Or I pick up my guitar and crank out some tunes. Sometimes I just do some mindless riffing and record cool stuff I accidentally stumble upon.

Do two 15 minute breaks per work shift and a power nap if you can squeeze it in. just don’t take too long or you’ll lose your momentum.


Have A Pet Companion

My dog stays in my room while I write until it’s time for him to go. He keeps me sane.

But sometimes I catch myself having silly conversations with him. Oh no.

Oh, the troubles of being a homebased freelance writer…


Have A Life

Being a homebased freelance writer is no excuse not to have a life outside of the confines of your own four walls.

I’m a bit guilty of being too much of a workaholic. I blame my upbringing for that. Growing up, I never saw my dad take a break from working. So taking breaks used to make me feel guilty.

Being far from my work station or not doing anything productive made me feel like a lesser person.

I’ve learned to adjust. A bit.


In the end:

At this point I’m just rambling. I’ve watched the entire Season 2 of the Titans on Netflix, finished a book on Yoga, created some workout routines to flatten my belly and written a few pages for my upcoming book on making it in the local music scene.

I’ve talked to some people about the upcoming wedding and made some plans for proper scheduling. My poor fiancée has to deal with everything else so I decided to help out a bit to lighten her work load.

I’ve also sent out some job applications to increase my income because I have to go buy a house this year. Yeah, we’re planning on getting a prefab home. That’s gonna cost a lot of money.

Let’s see if I can make 2020 a year of plenty for me as a HomeBased Freelance Writer.


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