How to write right

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I’m gonna start a new series of things to talk about on this blog.

It’s how to write right.

There are 3 simple rules you have to keep in mind to do just that.

1. Research

 – Always remember that research is the key to any good article. Never underestimate the power of research. When you research, remember to cover everything. Check for reliable sources. Once you’ve gathered enough data to confidently talk about the topic at hand, that’s when you trim the fat and provide an engaging article to your readers.

2. KISS and Make it flow

 – Keep It Short and Simple. Writing is about using words in a logical manner to convey an idea. In short, you’re telling a story to your readers and hoping to God they can understand it.

Make sure you keep it simple so that your readers can understand you better.

Remember to check the sequence of your topic and make sure it flows. This means each idea is a logical progression towards the next.

3. Check your Spelling and Grammar

 – That should be self explanatory. Check for Spelling Issues and Grammar Mistakes.

I’m no expert and I’ve made a couple mistakes in the past. I chose to keep them to remind me every day that I should be more mindful of my work.

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